Tough Love Studio Testimonials

I love everything about Tough Love Studio

I love everything about Tough Love Studio! Amazing work and great people. Joel continues to amaze me with his knowledge and art.

Jane H

Minneapolis, MN

Awesome experience and outstanding quality

Awesome experience and outstanding quality. Whether you are new to the world of tattoos and fine art or a long-time fan and practitioner, you’ll be impressed with the quality of work and studio atmosphere within your first step through the door. As far as tattoos go you cannot get a better method and quality of tattoo in this area than from Joel McClure.

To provide a brief history of my experience, I received two tattoos, both from Joel. The first tattoo is from a picture and the second (and much larger tattoo) is something I imagined and had nothing to provide the artist as to the idea, other than a couple of conversations. No sketches. No photos. The second was also done without a stencil… Understand I was basically rolling the dice when allowing the artist to custom design and FREEHAND most of the tattoo, but he came with great referral, great confidence, and I put my trust in his work ,and it paid off big time! It started as a medium sized tattoo on the inside of my arm, and grew into a half sleeve. Over 80% of the tattoo was freehand, and if you have the opportunity to visit the location and view his portfolio, you’ll be in disbelief he did this work freehand!

Austin M

St Louis, MO

Awesome artists

Awesome artists. Great, clean comfortable environment. A place where you go in with an idea and come out with something better than you imagined.

Keith G

Minneapolis, MN

Fun and safe environment

I really enjoy getting my tattoos done at Tough Love. The space is clean and organized and the artwork is beautiful. In my many experiences I have been pleased with their hospitality. It is a fun and safe environment.

Jen M

Wayzata, MN

Outstanding attention to detail

I have sat down with Joel on over 10 tattoo sessions and have never experienced anything but good things. He explained everything clearly, was thorough, and his attention to detail was outstanding in my opinion.

Joel was the only tattoo artist that I could find that would do my hand tattoos. I checked out about 5 tattoo shops in the Minneapolis area. I have also gotten several compliments on my tattoos, even from people generally not interested in tattoos. Joel’s work, in my opinion, is excellent without a doubt. I wouldn’t spend the money, or more importantly, a permanent life mark, without trusting in him and his abilities. I would definitely recommend him to my friends.

Alex N

Minneapolis, MN

My tattoo is awesome!

My tattoo is awesome, and more than I imagined it would be. It’s a very personal tribute to my mom and I think Joel was almost more excited about the tattoo than I was. And, he free-handed about 75 percent of it. I couldn’t be more impressed.

Meghan C

Minneapolis, MN

Laid back and friendly atmosphere

I would send everyone I know that wants a custom complex tattoo to Tough Love. The staff are great artists and it shows in their works, they aren’t just tattooers. The atmosphere is laid back and friendly and a great location.

Ian W

Minneapolis, MN

I couldn’t be happier

I tell everyone I talk to about tattoos that the place to go is Tough Love! […] Joel fixed a botched tattoo for me & I couldn’t be happier!

Kimberly F

Minneapolis, MN

Original tattoos that no one else will have

This is the real deal tattoo shop. If you’re looking to get a good tattoo that’s original, you need to go to Tough Love. I’ve gotten one tattoo there so far and I will never go to any other artist or shop. Most people go to a tattoo shop wanting to see the flash tattoos on the wall but this one is not like that. This one’s main focus is to please the customer by giving them an original tattoo that no one else will have, and that’s what I like.

Troy M

Burnsville, MN

I get compliments all the time

Since I moved to the Twin Cities, I have had a hard time finding an artist that I love and feel completely comfortable with, until I talked to Joel at Tough Love Studio. I had seen some of his work in person, and that was a good enough reason to stop in to see him. After getting my last couple of tattoos from him, I’m super, super happy that I did! I honestly would never go anywhere else from now on. Joel is a great artist and a great tattooist – the color work is amazing and I get compliments on it all the time (as well as questions about who does my work).

Sarah B

Minneapolis, MN

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